Watsky fans in the bay can rejoice, because he has added two more shows to his already jammed packed “All You Can Do” world tour.

Just after Thanksgiving festivities, Watsky will be playing back to back shows at the Regency Ballroom the 28th and 29th. Friday night’s undercard will feature Kyle and Parker (Dumbfoundead) and the following night with Grieves and Kate Nash. These shows should prove to be extra special as it will be a homecoming shows for the San Francisco native, Watsky, a rapper and poet.

Recently, Watsky has announced that both days will exhibit different sets as well as an additional bonus, patrons who purchase tickets to both shows will receive a free extended poetry show before night two’s concert AND a copy of the tour’s poster with both ticket stubs in hand. So DO NOT forget to save the prior night’s ticket. An hour before each night on the tour, Watsky puts on a separate poetry show (which requires a separate ticket purchase), so the 29th should be extra special; be sure to show up even earlier to catch all of the extended poetry show.

These shows will be impossible to miss, as Watsky is touring with a live band, which really increases the impact of the songs and his words, presenting creative variations of song’s album versions. After being at the earlier show in San Diego, I can assure you the crowd is amped and rowdy to go along with Watsky bouncing all over the stage with visible enjoyment and enthusiasm. It is always great to see musicians who are excited to be on stage and enjoy every moment of their live act.

Be sure not to miss your chance to experience the fun of a live Watsky set.


Whoa Whoa Whoa [All You Can Do]