Check out an exclusive interview with Thy Art Is Murder and photos from the ‘Hate Across America’ tour at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA.

Thy Art Is Murder is finishing up their Hate Across America tour with Kublai Khan, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Fit For An Autopsy, and I Declare War as supporting bands. Thor and I were able to attend and capture their sold out show at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA. The event was held in a really small room which created an intense and intimate performance. We had the opportunity to interview Thy Art Is Murder before their set at DNA Pizza, which was conveniently next door to the venue.

Check out our interview and photos below:

I Delcare War

Fit For An Autopsy

Click here for more photos of Fit For An Autopsy

Thy Art Is Murder

Click here for more photos of Thy Art Is Murder

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