Suicide Silence announced that Eddie Hermida has joined the band as their new frontman and vocalist.

You may be familiar with Eddie Hermida, as he was the vocalist for popular deathcore band, All Shall Perish. He left All Shall Perish to pursue his career with Suicide Silence. “The full-time aspect for Suicide Silence was always part of the deal,” Hermida says. “Just know that I did everything in my power to stay in All Shall Perish and work both projects. The ASP boys will say that I quit when I decided to take the reigns in SS. I will say that I was asked to step away by my bandmates because they didn’t want my schedule with SS to interfere with their future. Either way All Shall Perish has my heart and soul built into it and I will always support the work we did together.”

He also stated that he is working with Suicide Silence on new material.

“We are writing as I am typing this! So stoked to see this all come together. Such a different writing process. A lot of musical clay molding going on. Expect heavy, expect different.”

Suicide Silence wrote this on their Facebook page, “We hope you all will embrace this decision with open arms understanding that this is what Mitch would have wanted. He would want his brothers to stick together & carry forward what he helped create. Every time we step on stage it will be in his honor & for his legacy. Suicide Silence will continue”.

Suicide Silence will live on!