Exclusive photos and video from Streetlight Manifesto’s “The End of the Beginning” tour in San Francisco at The Regency Ballroom.

Streetlight Manifesto, 7-piece ska-punk band, is currently traveling North America for their last tour as a band. “The End of the Beginning” tour is beginning to reach the end of it’s tour dates. The last three dates of this tour will be in Streetlight’s home state, New Jersey, from November 14-16.

The night started out with special guest, Mike Park, as he serenaded the crowd with his acoustic guitar. His set started out with a homemade video projected behind him, as he sang his first two songs. For those of you who don’t know who Mike Park is, he was the saxophonist and vocalist from Skankin’ Pickle and also the owner of Asian Man Records, a record label company based in Northern California.


Shortly after Mike P’s set was another acoustic act from Santa Cruz local, Dan Potthast. If you’re familiar with Toh Kay’s single projects, then you’re probably familiar with Dan P, as he was featured on You By Me: Vol. 1[/album]. Dan P’s songs are always great to hear live as they are sarcastic, witty, and humorous, which bring the energy up just in time for Streetlight Manifesto.

At last, 10 o’clock comes around and Streetlight Manifesto invades the stage. The floors starts rumbling like a stampede of elephants were rushing down Van Ness street. If you’ve ever been to a Streetlight show, you will know that Streetlight fans are dedicated to shout every lyric, dance to every song, and skank their asses off in the pit. They played for about an hour and a half and before we knew it, the end of the show had arrived. The band exited the stage and the lights came on as fans were chanting, “ONE MORE SONG”! The lights slowly dimmed and Streetlight Manifesto played “Somewhere in the Between” as their last song in San Francisco.

“Somewhere in the Between”

Streetlight Manifesto

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It was a great night and I am extremely sad that they are no longer touring. I would advise that you buy tickets to one of their upcoming shows and let loose. Streetlight Manifesto never disappoints.