Welcome to the PassionPit, a place where we give fans a chance to win free autographed memorabilia. This giveaway will include an autographed Guttermouth Batman T-shirt and a Moshlounge sticker pack which includes a signed sticker.

PassionPit Giveaway Information and Rules

Want to win these items? The rules are simple… You can enter by using Facebook, Instagram, or filling out the form below.


“Like” our Facebook page (, share this image and tag #PassionPit, #Moshlounge, #Guttermouth, & #Batman.

Guttermouth Batman T-shirt Giveaway


Follow @moshlounge and repost the following image. You must tag your post with #PassionPit, #Moshlounge, #Guttermouth, & #Batman.

Guttermouth Batman T-shirt Giveaway

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Everyone who enters this giveaway will have a fair chance at winning. Spread the word to your friends and family, especially the ones who cannot attend concerts and festivals.

About PassionPit

PassionPit, a movement to spread love around the world. Our goal for PassionPit is to gather autographed memorabilia from various artist we cover and give it out to you, the fans, for free. We will spread the love to those who need and/or desire it, creating a PassionPit.

This campaign was created to spread the joy of music and to get personalized gifts from talented artists in the possession of those who could not attend their favorite bands show. We hope to reach out to those who are disabled, victims and survivors of cancer and other serious illnesses, active and inactive military, veterans, and of course, every other fan out there. We will be choosing fans from all over the world as our PassionPit winners and everyone has a fair chance at winning.

We are very thankful to report that Guttermouth, punk rock band from California, was the first of many groups to help the cause. They have donated a few shirts, signed by guitarist Geoff Armstrong, and also signed a bunch of Moshlounge stickers.

Bands that have helped the cause include Ice Nine Kills, The Black Dahlia Murder, For All Those Sleeping, iwrestledabearonce, Terror, Volumes, Capture The Crown, Every Time I Die and more. We plan on expanding this list as this movement gains more momentum.

If you or someone you know is interested in being involved in the PassionPit movement, please feel free to contact us at