Upcoming Music Photographers of 2014

You see them at shows; wonder who they are and what they do. You post their work, not knowing it was theirs, but you share it anyways.

Why? Because it gives you an intimate feeling, makes you feel closer to the people in it, inspires you, or… you just think it is a really cool photo. Their job is to capture the moment while you enjoy the show.

Put the camera phone down and keep an eye out for this group of upcoming music photographers.

Amy Lane | amylanephoto.com

Amy Lane is a photographer and journalist from Los Angeles, California. She shoots for bamfmedia.com and has covered over 75 shows in the past 2 years.

Bethan Miller | bethanmillerphotography.com

Bethan Miller is a music and portrait photographer based in Cardiff, Wales. Music has been at the forefront of her life and combining it with the art of photography is something that has always fascinated her.

Clark Terrell | clarkterrell.com

Clark Terrell is a concert photographer residing in McAllen, Tx. For the last three years, he has been covering various concerts and festivals all over the state of Texas, from Never Say Never Music Festival to Vans Warped Tour. Clark is known for his work with local and national acts, capturing both high energy stage performances and intimate behind the scenes through his photography.

Miranda Eliot | mirandaeliot.com

Miranda Eliot is a young photographer specializing in live music and promotional photography from Ocala, Florida. She has accomplished many goals other people her age only dream about doing, like photographing her favorite band, LetLive.

Anam Merchant | Anam Merchant Tumblr

Anam Merchant is a Chicago-based photographer and designer, who enjoys both music and photography. “I like to combine the two because I don’t know what to do with my hands at shows.”

Andrew Bastion | Andrew Bastion Tumblr

Andrew Bastion is an up and coming photographer from Northeastern Ohio. He has been shooting concerts since 2011, and is on a constant uphill climb improving his art and exposure. Andrew travels across different states to photograph shows and festivals.

Shawna Terry | Shawna Terry Photography

Shawna Terry is a 21 year old photographer from Rochester, New York, who dreams of living on the road doing what she loves. Her career started back in 2008 when she worked for a few local bands and eventually moved up to work with national bands.

Nam-Chi Van | namchivan.com

Nam-Chi Van is a music photographer from San Francisco, California. She attended the Art Institute of California, San Diego, and graduated in September of 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. Her passion includes skateboarding, the web, and capturing moments for herself and others.

  • Jamie Bowen

    You’re missing one to keep an eye on, again near Cardiff but this girl is going far already at only 15! Tiegan Neary will be making big appearances in the near future I guarantee it!

  • Dave Harrison

    Just to add to Jamie’s post Tiegan Neary is fast building a reputation as one to look for. She won both the under 18 and Grand Prix overall prizes in the NME photography awards in 2013. I’d love to hear more about her on here…..you should do a feature on her.