The year has come to an end; bands came and went, tours set up and broke down. Each show left us a memory of incredible breakdowns and an essence of energy that can only be described if one has been there. Fans banged their heads, danced, sang, crowd surfed, and most importantly, moshed. MoshLounge presents the Top Bands to Mosh to in 2012.


Hatebreed went on tour this past year in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Perseverance. Die hard fans gathered around from state to state to enjoy Hatebreed’s infamous hardcore shows. Check out their latest single, “Put It To The Torch”, which will be released on their new album The Divinity of Purpose early next year. Pre-Order the new album on their website,


These guys have been together for over 20 years and their mosh pits never get old. They know how to move a crowd with messages of activism, human rights, and good ol’ punk rock. During their Summer tour, drummer Pat Thetic brought his drum set down in the crowd and played a few songs with thousands of people moshing and crowd surfing around him.

As Blood Runs Black

This deathcore band from Los Angeles knows how to get a crowd pumped up. Fans go nuts to their insane guitar riffs and harmonized screams. Here’s a song from their album, Instinct, called “Resist”.

Miss May I

Miss May I is one of many great metalcore bands on Rise Records. If you were at Warped Tour this past Summer and anywhere near Miss May I’s stage while they played, you were probably involuntarily in their Marathon Pit. This pit stretched across the main stage and was full of people sprinting in a very large circle while playing “Our Kings” from the album Monument.

Now that you’ve seen our list of bands, we would like to know your favorite band you enjoy moshing to! Share your stories in the comments below.