Of Mice & Men posted a studio video to show off footage from their recording sessions for the anticipated new album.

Austin Carlile speaks in the video as his voice overlays the footage at the end. He states the following:

“When we first went into the studio, my first insight, my first idea for the album was to be something uplifting, and something hopeful, and something inspiring, and something that our fans could really grab a hold of and take more of than just ‘Oh, Of Mice & Men just made another record’, it’s ‘Wow, Of Mice & Men made another record!’. Everything that I wrote about is real… either from situations I’ve been through myself or experienced. We really took the time to make the album for the people that supported us from the beginning.”

Here is the band’s official statement via Facebook:

“Over the past few months, we’ve been in the studio writing & recording our third full length album with producer David Bendeth. We are excited to announce that after the most in-depth recording process we have ever experienced, the album has been completed & we can’t WAIT for you to hear it! This is our most ambitious release to date & will be the first album with our newest member, Aaron Pauley. The dynamics in the band have never been stronger & we are so proud of the music we have created together. Keep your ears open for new music coming soon!”

Of Mice & Men Studio Update

The video was filmed and edited by Danny Todd.