Memphis May Fire is a hardcore band from Dallas, Texas and is one of the headlining bands on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The other bands on this tour are Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, I See Stars and Attila.

Memphis May Fire is spreading through the masses and leaving positive influenced lyrics for listeners around the world. The band consists of 5 members. These members are Matty Mullins, Kellen McGregor, Jake Garland, Anthony Sepe, and Cory Elder. Memphis May Fire has released two EP’s and three full-length albums, the latest being Challenger which was released June 2012. They have partnered with Rise Records to expand their artistic and musical creativity.

Here is the song “Legacy” from their latest album, Challenger.

Lift up your eyes discouraged one. When you feel like giving up, when they say it can’t be done it’s up to you to show them why they’re wrong.