letlive. Jason Butler Photo by: Miranda Eliot

Rising “Soul Punk” band letlive. has premiered a brand new music video for their current single, “Younger”. This track is featured on the band’s latest album, The Blackest Beautiful, which is available online and at local indie retailers.

The video starts out with frontman Jason Butler walking on the streets where he finds a flyer for a live event. He follows a woman with a similar flyer and finds himself at a cult-like meeting where the preacher misleads a group of individuals into something Jason does not agree with. He flees the scene to go grab a pistol out of his trunk. When he arrives back at the scene, he starts to wave his weapon around, scaring the preacher away. He takes a stand in front of the crowd and starts to preach . Jason romantically kisses the woman he followed in and as she pulls away with a disgusted look on her face. The crowd acts up as and starts to attack him as if he was a traitor.

The music fades out abruptly as they chase Jason into a warehouse. The scene fades away while the music fades back in. Clips of the cult members held hostage appear as Jason terrorizes them with his gun and crazy personality. The video ends with a creepy shot of Jason staring into the camera with his face covered in ashes.

What does all of this mean? According to the band, “‘Younger’ is a satirical take on the misguided power of influential people and the erroneous focus on everything but the worth of individuals. The treatment for the video was written by letlive. and unfolds as singer Jason Butler’s character comes into conflict with a cult-like group and finds himself driven mad with power.”

“Younger” was directed by Ernie Gilbert, produced by Russ Hubley and shot in the band’s home town, Los Angeles, CA.

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