Issues - Hooligans

Issues have released a brand new music video for their latest single, “Hooligans”. Fans have anticipated this single since their latest EP release, Black Diamonds, which was released November 2012.

“Hooligans” starts out with Issue’s familiar sound from their first track on Black Diamonds. The intro builds up with a knocking bass drum, slow motion voice effects, and a whistling synthesizer causing the listener to feel like they are at a trance dance party. This vibe does not last long once the drop hits, as heavy guitar and clashing of drum cymbals join the beat, alongside with Michael Bohn and his unclean vocals.

Tyler Carter joins the song abruptly with his R&B style vocals. The song does a complete 180 and the chorus kicks in with lyrics like,

“Hooligans got big hearts but they’re just some kids Cali made flashy sins need nobody cause we know where we fit in.”

“Hooligans” picks back up with the hardcore trance leading into straight head bangin’ beats. After the second chorus, the breakdown kicks in and everyone starts singing together. The harmony and effect of this verse brings the song together by giving off a sense of unity and peace of mind as the chorus kicks back in and the song ends.

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  • mikegarite

    This is actually pretty siiiiickkkk.