Official music video for Hatebreed’s song, “Honor Never Dies”, is now available to watch online. “Honor Never Dies” is the 2nd track on the band’s sixth studio album, The Divinity Of Purpose, which was released earlier this year.

The band started the beginning stages of The Divinity Of Purpose in 2010. During that time, the band welcomed back original guitarist Wayne Lozinak, then began touring for a good two years. They expanded their global stamp through performing in Southeast Asian, Eastern Eurpoe and Souther America. They also toured through the U.S. and Europe, amping up the release for their new album.

Jamey Jasta states:

We were going for a bigger sound. We reintroduced Wayne on the last album. He’d never been on a full-length record with us, and it felt like we had to prove ourselves again. We also tried to do things outside of our comfort zone musically on Hatebreed. This time around, we played to our strengths as a band and gelled incredibly. The riffs had to be really heavy, memorable, and catchy. The rhythms needed to be pounding. I went back into drill sergeant mode vocally. I focused on saying what I had to say and got in and out. The music makes its point and leaves its mark. It’s a tight snapshot of the last two years.

The Divinity Of Purpose is available for purchase on iTunes or can be streamed on Spotify.

About Hatebreed:

Hatebreed is a grammy award-nominated hardcore and metal band from Connecticut who formed back in 1994. The band consists of Jamey Jasta, Chris Beattie, Wayne Lozinak, Frank Novinec and Matthew Byrne.