Australian rock band, Hands Like Houses, have released a new music video for “Introduced Species”. This track can be found on their latest album, Unimagine.

“Introduced Species” Official Music Video

“Introduced Species” Lyrics

We don’t belong here.

In a way we are all connected, threaded together.
In a way we are all suspended, bound going nowhere.

Wake up,
walk on the wires.
Defeat and define.
Wake up,
evolve and escape,
Unravel, unmake yourself.

We speak in tongues
and we walk on the wires between,
We don’t belong here.
We are the sleeping sickness,
the dancing dreams,
We don’t belong here.
We’re invaders from the inside,
we’re survivors in silver skin.
Shapeless, we move,
unwinding the wires between,
We don’t belong here.

So we’ll follow, follow down
each knotless fathom to the end.
No more hollow, hollow sounds
of echoes, echoes in our heads.

Wake up,
walk on the wires.
Connect and combine.
Wake up,
react and reshape,
Untangle, unmake yourself.

It’s been a long, long night
and we’re still learning how to survive.
Will you walk with me a while,
and see a world with brand new eyes.
We see the signs
and we’re fighting for our lives.
Will you run? x3

It’s no longer survival of the fittest, now that everyone survives.
But we don’t want to survive…

…We want to live.