New release “Crosses” from For All Those Sleeping off their upcoming album Incomplete Me out June 23, 2014.

With an upcoming release Incomplete Me, For All Those Sleeping throws the public a taster “Crosses”, introduced by a drum intensive setup, which leads into a breakdown with a digital remix feel. This creates more anticipation on the beat and a heavier and darker sound. I have to say, there is great usage of a “forced whisper” to break up a possible monotony in the “Nothing matters…,” section.

Mike Champa is back with his seriously dark low screams, growling, and highs, to a motivating beat. And as the beat’s sun sets with a short subtle piano lick, the listener knows London Snetsinger is going to take center stage with his singing, transitioning fittingly. When Champa’s strained throaty scream dawns again, the rest of the band arrives with an unexpected breakdown of doom. This song should certainly create a lovely pit.

According to David Volgman-Stevens,”This song taps into the whole idea of you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. If you feel like you’re your own cross to bear, then it’s selfish to expect someone else to carry that same burden.” But lyrically, the breakdown taps into a darker aspect, the desire of some to be in a relationship so desperately, they will dig, dig, dig, dig in attempt to build wants and desires, until there is no other choice, but the long since known decision of leaving a painful broken heart,

“If you wanna believe that there’s still some hope, some hope for me. But if there’s any left, It’s buried underneath the surface. So we dig (x4), Till we find a cure or there’s nothing left, We dig (x4), And pray to God what we see we will forget, dig (x4), Till we find a cure for our emptiness, we dig (x4), Till there’s nothing left, till there’s nothing left.”

I can really do without the bland breakdown at the end of the song, because at this point in the track, it is overdone and leaves a bad taste in the mouth after “diggin’”. All in all, the instrumentals lack real individual flavor to put this song on a plateau of excellence, but it is still a good motivational song.