Ice Nine Kills - The Predator EP

A quickly shouted first phrase, “We are the walking…” erupting into a breakdown with bass pounding to the force of Mount Saint Helens, “…DEAD!!!” The song may be about walking dead sheeple, but this blast will definitely have you awake and kicking. The vocals transition perfectly back and forth between screaming high and low(with varying inner intensities), singing, and even as one band chants, creating a unique balance and conviction of message. “The Coffin is Moving” is a powerful way to begin any album format, as it is jammed full of serious banger beats; allowing the message more power,

“With dreams we never had! We are all just children of vanity, We make fucking up into life long careers, We’ve fallen prey to our parent’s fears, We see their faces when we look into broken mirrors…”

For a little icing on this slice of cake, a solo is introduced with expert patience and smooth scaling, closing out the song as it morphs into another round of methodical teeter-tottering between melodic scaling and muted chunking.

The fans are treated to amazing imagery in the following song, “Father’s Day”. The lyrics take an unexpected darker turn to uncover deep seeded thoughts in broken homes and families,

“…it’s a torture by design, one bloodline. If I had hands, hands of a man, I’d carve out all of my convictions, in this path of stone. Wait and Fall? We Fall. That is the legacy you’ve instilled in me.”

Commonly, no one truly has empathy with people affected. This chunk paints a picture to help bridge the gap with a terrifying feeling of dark hopelessness and no control in the events around them. The song progresses to the inner struggle of moving passed the negative, towards a positive future in the light,

“…The perfect breed, is what lies beneath, an unspeakable seed that is growing inside me. Please! Just rip it out of me, ‘cause I said never again never defend, what you are…”

After “What I Never Learned in Study Hall”, a dramatic ballad of singing reminiscent of their original sound, featuring Tyler Carter, Ice Nine Kills definitely brings the intensity up with “A Reptile’s Dysfunction”. This force slowly builds up before the surge can no longer be contained. “Set your sights on Annihilation!” as the dam collapses under the power, ushering in the inevitable breakdown. The thunderous chunk breakdown continues with enough power to ignite a massive moshpit. Transitioning to the back half of the song, the vocals are yin-yang’d into high throat originated screams and growling bellows to counter the previous singing.

The Predator EP is closed out with “Someone Like You” made famous by Adele, a shocking cover choice to metal fans. This fan is here to report it is refreshing to hear covers of “lighter” songs, but only when the song has an actual message. The cover is so much better than the various “Pop Goes Punk” attempts, because Ice Nine Kills injects their own style within the song, in a stand out way, instead of the in your face shock value most bands put into a cover. They stay true to the sound of the original song and then mix in their spices. They even delicately place in a subtle section of destruction. This song has flawless balance, like a squirrel traversing power lines.

Do yourself a favor and pick this EP up.

“The Coffin Is Moving” Official Music Video

“What I Never Learned In Study Hall” (ft. Tyler Carter)

“Someone Like You” (Adele Cover)

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