Crown The Empire, a metalcore band from Dallas, was founded in July 2010. The Fallout, their latest album, has a set of songs that show off their amazing talents. From catchy guitar riffs, outstanding vocals, and hardcore breakdowns; this has to be one of the top albums I have listened to this year.

One thing that makes them different than other bands I’ve been listening to, is that they have an extended music video which acts as movie scenes, which makes me wonder if they are going to produce different scenes for the different tracks on The Fallout.

Check out Part I and Part II:

Crown The Empire consists of 7 band members. Andy Leo (Vocals), David Escamilla (Vocals), Brandon Hoover (Guitar), Bennett Vogelman (Guitar), Hayden Tree (Bass), Austin Duncan (Keys), and Brent Taddie (Drums). They are signed with Rise Records and will be at South By So What?! on March 16th, along with other bands like Of Mice and Men, Issues, Chiodos, Attack Attack! and more.

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