Chelsea Grin has just released “Angels Shall Sin, Demons Shall Pray”, off their upcoming album Ashes to Ashes, to stir up fan anticipation for the July 8, 2014 release date.

With a slow introduction of reverberating guitar, the long awaited day for Chelsea Grin fans is finally approaching fast. As the rest of the band chimes in, I am confused; the chugging guitar and vocal scream sounds might as well be a hidden track on the Whitechapel album released two weeks ago.

With this said, the chunking guitar and breakdown is definitely an overused Chelsea Grin gimmick, which has been my biggest criticism of the band since day one. Sadly though, the open string chug stratagem is literally the entire song, which promotes more of a snooze than anything. However, I am sure the hardcore dancers are definitely happy and already totting this new song as a gem; to each his own.

I will say, the lyrics fit wonderfully with today’s events in a liberty stealing, surveillance and police state, corrupt world,

“…They took our hope, they took our freedom, wrapped us in chains…we’re not the same, we’ll never be the same.”

The only thing missing is more in depth lyrics actually exploring the points they briefly touch, instead of words that seem to be scripted by a teenaged kid or hastily prepared by a guy on the toilet.

Ashes to Ashes, is not available until July 8, so it is hard to tell exactly how the song fits within the fifteen-track album, but as it stands, the fans online are showing this new song a lot of hate. What we do know is, “Angels Shall Sin, Demons Shall Pray” leads directly into the previously released track “Letters”, which has a feel more like a Born of Osiris track. Although it is true a band’s sound will evolve and change album to album, something has to be said about a band releasing songs sounding just like someone else…even an album cover reminiscent of American Horror Story promos.