From the second the introductory track, “III”, of Uprising starts, any true metal fan knows that something amazing is about to happen to their ears. It slowly pulls you in, starting delicately, evolving into the next track “Colony”. If you don’t have goosebumps by the end of the first track, I assure you the second will take control of your excitement. Instantly throwing you into a headbang; without a thought you are sucked into the album. That’s when the lyrics kick in, for a wonderful appetizer to the listener or fan. In a growing world of no manners or respect, Bleed From Within shocks listeners with lyrics devoted to the fan, “…We said we won’t let you down. That’s why we’re still here, because of you we still have a reason, for believing, in ourselves,” coupled with an amazing balance of a hard background riff and a solid finger-­‐work lead, and it is still just the beginning of the album! I shouldn’t even need to explain how significant these lyrics are, in a genre demonized by society for promoting nothing but Lucifer.

In every album ever created, a couple songs stand out above the rest. “Uprising”, much like “Colony, is one of these powerful songs. Again, the second the song kicks in with the heavy rally the troops beat, a true fan knows it will be another five star song on their playlist. I don’t care who you are; even my anti-­‐metal friends’ feet are tapping, when this beat resonates. And yet again, you feel empowered by the lyrics,

“…You are the last thing that we need, when you loose the grip, we will rise up to our feet, there’s nothing holding us back…you deny our right and you repeat, how can you think this is the right thing to do, your world is dying and you’re dying for it, but I’m not done killing for this, you know who you are (and what it takes), you have to let go, you can’t stop them like you stopped us, from finding ourselves…”

Any metal fan also is into the punk movement recognizes and appreciates lyrics like these. Seeing bands emerge that have not lost sight of the world around them, fills me with hope. It is great to hear bands with a real message for listeners and instantly bumps them up on my music depth chart.

I may not have individually covered “Nothing, No One, Nowhere”, “Escape Yourself”, “I am Oblivion”, and “Our Divide”, but that does not exclude their quality. The ebb and flow of these songs are truly a musical power to behold. In your face breakdowns and beats translating into solos, speed, or slower tempos without a hiccup. This is one of my favorite albums to listen in the background while working (or just to listen to for that matter). It is a truly motivational album.

Then, the album is closed off with “Leech” and “Devotion”. In “Leech”, listeners are teased into a serious buddy-­‐bashing circle-­‐pit beat through subtle guitar picking and progressively intense drums. I truly wish to see and hear this live, in the pit. The power of this beat cannot be denied, fitting with the message. The song is concluded with another quick and tasteful solo, which fits like a solid row of Tetris, right back into the pseudo-­‐breakdown beat. After the brutality, “Devotion” chimes in with a flow of divinity, before fully breaking out. “Devotion” is a personal favorite; the song fits in perfect tandem with “Leech”, balancing the aggression. The intensity seemingly goes up and down perfectly, to keep you head banging and chilled out at the same time. This allows the listener to really hear the extent of effort not just in the band, but also the effort into the vocalist’s screaming. This is due to the fact that as the music calms, the listener has more freedom to focus on his screams. But, even as the music is “calmed”, the intensity seemingly picks up, thanks to how the outro is presented. It is a hard yet relaxing metal dessert to ease you off the album.

The band should hold a place in your heart for this,

“…You shine a light on me, to guide me through the dark…but don’t turn away, giving up on everything is easier than you think, I’ll never turn my back on you, you have become a legacy, you’re the light that guides us through the dark days, you gave us hope, we thought it couldn’t be saved.”

–excerpt from ‘Colony’

“Uprising” (Official Video)