Photos by: Nam-Chi Van Photos by: Nam-Chi Van

We were lucky enough to attend the U.S. headlining tour show in the foggy city of San Francisco, Saturday, November 16th, at The Regency Ballroom.

We drove up to the venue thinking it would be smart to head there early and skip the line, but as we were approaching, we could already see the line form around the block. After finally finding a parking spot (45 minutes later), we gain access to the venue. Beartooth had already started and the ballroom was filling up quickly.

The photo pit was already closed, but we did get to see Taylor Lumley (guitarist) and Nick Reed (bassist) play the final song held up by fans. The view was a polar opposite of zombie imagery, instead of reaching for food, dozens of arms were propping up the musicians to close out the set; a truly surreal image. It was great to watch Caleb Shomo, former vocalist of Attack Attack!, continue to make an impression pursuing his music career with Beartooth.

Defeater, a Massachusetts-based harcore band, took the stage next. The guitarists were highly animated, jumping all over the stage as they performed songs from their latest album, Letters Home. The front row fans screamed the lyrics with Derek Archambault, while the musicians were bouncing and swinging their guitars. Their unique sound surely woke up the audience.


The lights dim as the Hollow Bodies banner gets revealed. Fans begin roaring “Blessthefall, Blessthefall, Blessthefall!!!” and proceed to get even louder when the band members come out one by one. Clean vocalist, Beau Bokan, walks out last and as they start off the night with “You Wear a Crown, But You’re No King”, which led to the girls in the front row ripping off Bokan’s shirt to which he replied, “Now we’ve got this party started”. Some time into their show, the band plays “Carry On”, which prompted a feature appearance from Jake Luhrs, August Burns Red’s vocalist. Blessthefall was extremely energetic and rattled hearts in the ballroom with thunderous bass drops and breakdowns. You could tell that each band member was giving 100% into the night’s performance.


At this point, the venue was jam packed, hot, and stuffy as everyone made a quick run for fresh air in the main lobby. Anticipation built in the room while the sound techs set up the instruments for the headlining act. The moment everyone had been waiting for, finally came. August Burns Red hit the ground running with their powerful single, “Provision”, featured on Rescue and Restore. It seemed as if JB Brubaker was shredding most of the night, with the combination of complex main riffs and solos…in flip flops nonetheless. The band managed to play a powerful and diverse set list of many old and new songs for the crowd and the show was concluded with the energizing single “Composure”.


Easily the funniest moment of the night, Jake Luhrs informed the crowd he had been made fun of for his “grandpa shoes”. So, he offered a trade to the fans for anyone with a 9.5”. Instantly, a kid in the front row raises up a skate style shoe, and receives a reply, “That’s one shoe. That’s not how this trade works, I need a pair of shoes, bro.” And the trade concludes.


I was amazed by the live Blessthefall and August Burns Red sets; you will not want to miss this.

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