Death Will Reign, Impending Doom

I am thoroughly impressed with the new Impending Doom album, Death Will Reign. This album is a highly energizing and motivating group of songs. The lyrics are direct and dive into the effect of morality collapsing, spiritually, societally, and by association, politically. They reveal the morality and justice in daily desires, thoughts of an after life in heaven and hell, evil thoughts of hatred, violence, or vengeance (even in the “righteous”), but most of all, the care buried inside everyone to make sure their family and friends are okay with life’s struggles (divorce, eating disorders, financial crisis, problems with the law, etc). This new album is a complete manifestation of not just metal fans, but almost the whole world; listening to the music is like looking in the mirrored reflection of humanity.

An eerily dark and dramatic calm before the storm spills into the speakers just before the eruption of the entire band, “Sell your soul! Sell your soul, he will swallow it whole.” The tune then evolves to a solid groove beat as it begins to describe humanity’s descent,

“Betrayer, blind to faith blinding followers, spreading deception like a plague through their veins, pumping hell in their hearts, betrayed by the father. Ravenous disease, man is the carrier, a broken moral compass, charting the course for generations of sorrow. A life void of substance, a future so bleak we look ahead in horror.”

Suddenly the opening track “Ravenous Disease” cuts out mid way, before returning with a patient whaling guitar solo. Brook Reeves then explores the newer generations of corrupted youth force fed anti-Christian and anti-family values from advertising and music since birth,

“Fallen from Grace, deeper we sink, a great pit within the earth, swallowing the weak. Whispers of demons, ringing in the ears of the crowd, impressionable youth, sing every word, spewing from their wretched mouths”

“My Own Maker” is hands down the best song of the album, in my eyes. From the get go, the song steps out of the shadow of guitar “chunking” with the initial riff. Starting off with a skin crawling melodic riff, which turns into a funk Rage Against the Machine like beat, before concluding with a tidal wave breakdown of destruction,

“Another day of sin, hope is dead and nothing is left within. Driven by hate, to another empty place. Where we just work and procreate, worn to the bone we die and get replaced. Afraid of a life in vain, I’m choking on the air I can’t breathe. Am I an image of God? Or does the devil have his hands in me?”

This song has relentless thrash which transitions into seriously hard demolition beats, flawlessly.

From the moment “Rip, Tear, Burn” starts, metal fans know this track is going to be explosive. Those brief moments of thought are concurred by the overtaking bellow, “This is the time to fight back!” erupting into a breakdown with exceptionally powerful force. The band makes sure to cycle the riff back and escalates to an additional all encompassing level to close out the song,

“…Never again, will I entertain the views of Godless men, never again, Will I be force fed a false religion. Wage holy war. In death all is final, we will know good and evil.”

“Hellhole” is a song to catch your attention with sheer momentum. The song’s breakdown has great pause before the moment of eruption and solid groove feeling, causing higher anticipation in the listener and a feeling of harder and darker instrumental presence. Jammed pack with beat variations which command movement, I seriously dare you to try not to headbang, foot tap, etc. Once the song has you as a fan, the lyrics begin to seep into your conscious thought. The song forces inner reflection on daily thoughts and actions, which are negative and destructive to everyone around. With an emphasis on, “I would be terrified, if your soul was mine. I would be terrified, of eternal suffering waiting in the afterlife,” the song reads as a wake up call, if you do not change for the better, “You deserve the fire. You deserve to burn.”

As an Impending Doom fan, I can honestly say, they initially did not rate very high on my board. However, this album Death Will Reign is completely captivating and obviously jacked them into my list of top bands.

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