For Today - Fight The Silence

Wow, fans rejoice in yet another impressive For Today album. Seriously, what are you doing? Go get it now, Fight The Silence is a motivational and uniting album consisting of lyrics with a strong moral compass and captivating instrumentals. The album kicks off to “Molotov” a thunderous beat with a little funk, which transforms into a guitar riff with some real flare. The song continues as a perfect introductory track, briefly revealing all the new little cogs in the gears of For Today to stimulate further listening.

It seems people do not realize how important and spectacular the song “Fight the Silence” really is. For Today has the integrity to shed light on an absolutely disgusting fact of the world, human trafficking (sex and/or labor slaves of all ages). One only needs to look into congressional hearings and whistleblowers to affirm the truth and find out many of the people involved have your daily patronage. All it takes is one person to break the silence and create a ripple effect,

“Broken, abused, and exploited, for the sick satisfaction of selfish men, only a coward would try to ignore it, but we can raise our voice and bring it to an end…”

A reverberating guitar awakens the life in the following track, “Pariah” and Mattie Montgomery’s bellow jumps starts it’s heart with a powerful message,

“I will never bow down to your idols, I know who I am. You’ll have to put me in the ground to silence me, this is my final stand…Death is only the beginning, of everything I’m living for. This is my final stand.”

If you spend your entire life allowing other people to control the way you think and act, you are not an individual. You will never know what it is like to have an original thought; you will nothing but a cut out copy. Think for yourself, don’t let anyone sway what you know is righteous, this creates character, individuality, and liberty; the mark of a true mature adult.

I am glad to see For Today has continued their softer tracks, this time around Fight The Silence features soulful ballad singing in “Reflections”(and later in “Resonate”). This actually builds a strong setup, as the listener has transcended into a peaceful state and is released by the abrupt power of “Break the Cycle”,

“Self destruction has tainted our way of life, it’s time to break the cycle. In the darkness of fear, there’s a dawning light. It’s time to break the cycle…We’re only helpless, because we’re heartless. In a world, headed for self-destruction, the answer is here; are we to blind to see it?”

It is really simple; society is deteriorating because no one cares about anyone else or even their own well-being.

“For the Fallen” instills the hope of always having a path to bounce back from any hellish place, all that is necessary is confidence in oneself. This message is delivered through an eloquent downward scaling melodic riff, and of course a breakdown,

“Looking for freedom, you only found regret. Only a coward would run away. Leave your past behind you, there is hope ahead. I see you writhing in pain, from all the hell that you’ve seen. You left it all for a life, that never satisfied you. Unloved by the world, you lost it all to conform to. There’s still hope in the voice, that’s crying out inside you. If you can hear it, you still have time…Take a deep breath and swallow your pride. Turn from the path you’re on, and conquer the fear inside. Dead men tell no tales, But if you’re still alive, you can still write your story.”

The average person really does not understand how much power they have, the power you have; the power of a voice. Frustrated at a world of infringing laws and crushing regulations? It will never change until YOU vocalize it. Words and ideas bring light to problems and atrocities, and until it is spoken aloud, no one will ever know your plight,

“My voice is a weapon; every word like a bullet, flying straight and true…And you’ll never be able to silence me, there is far too much at stake. Speak out, if you’re not afraid of what the world might say. Speak out, if you’re not afraid to see the system change. One voice is all it takes to break the silence.”

“One Voice” features an evolving riff coming across like a dancing, symphonic flute melody. As the song progresses, so does the riff like a bright caterpillar into an eye popping butterfly.

If only I had the time and space to really dive into the lyrics as well as the rest of Fight the Silence, chalked full of empowering songs (even including lines from the Holy Scriptures). You will have to pick up the album and continue your own review.

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