Like Moths To Flames - An Eye For An Eye

An enticing guitar leads through a wormhole, creating a feeling of swirling down a funnel into the new album An Eye For An Eye. The rest of the band kicks in using resounding force, bursting through the door with the force of a roaring silverback gorilla; Like Moths to Flames is back for vengeance. Enter the lyrics, more words consisting of the punk message, a better world, free of the countless sins plaguing the minds of people,

“…I saw the devil with my own eyes, and he fit the shape of you, a fucking coward, with a tongue to tell a thousand lies, cover your red hands, but you can’t hide your poisoned mind…so sick so sick, of trying to prove myself for worth, when you take what I deserve…”

The lyrics push the power of the song into another dimension of intensity as it takes listeners on a path of a man fed up with being preyed upon through laws and regulations stealing liberty. A feeling many people can identify with, providing an enjoyable outlet for venting struggles. The track is a mix between excellently persuading groove metal and brutal burn the bridges breakdowns, “…Torn the hopes of everyone I love, and now it’s your turn, you can get fucked…” If lucky enough to hear “You’ll Burn” live, watch the pit (especially photographers or video crews), dancers will be throwing limbs with a demonic level of apathy.

The pace jumps to new heights with “A Feast for Crows” before cutting out at the chorus like rain in a summer drought. New melodic instrumental rain and speed riffs with intricate flashes are revealed in this track, showing the band’s thirst to not only stay relevant, but also learn new tricks to push the boundaries of their capabilities.

“…Bring this cold heart back to life…” drives energy through weary bones, energizing “The Common Misconceptions” with a death to all breakdown, sure to crack the shell on any stubbornly armored turtle shell. Most notable, is the seemingly polar opposite guitar licks during the song. They work together swimmingly, reminding me of the countless couples I have encountered, the man is happy and relaxed while the woman is self absorbed and wound up (or switched roles of course). In the case of the music, it creates a beautiful union that is both a rolling rock beat and a pseudo meditative section. With that said, the song is ironically about religion being a farce, consuming precious time in a life that is harsh, cold, and unforgiving, “…why do we cling to a voice that’s always silent? Too busy searching for the love we will never get…” This is where the band and most people fail in religion, the faith of putting God first and spreading light to darkness, through all the troubles of life without forsaking him. Only then does one receive a place in the book of lamb.

“I Solemnly Swear” is the first song to completely stand apart from the meat of the album, catching attention like safe natural food labels: grass-fed, non-gmo, non-antibiotic, non-hormone, non-caged, no additives or preservatives (look it up, for you and your children’s health and safety). This track features a natural singing chorus that is both heart felt, thought out, and sarcastic, diving into how the voice has apathy for humanity; a sad thought to many. While contemplating this, the band is setting up for a massive breakdown sure to make the pits red and fun,

“…you don’t really know what’s best for me, save it for someone else, so before you open your mouth, know I don’t need your help, what I really need, is for you to go fuck yourself…”

If you don’t move to this flurry, you are dead! It is that simple. Most shocking, as the song is playing out, fans and first time listeners are presented with a semi rhythm and blues ballad finisher, sure to leave mouths gaping. Coming off as a PG-13 Mortal Kombat fatality, the gamble actually works for me. This song illustrates a completely balanced composition at the level of venerated masterful painters.

The most powerful song in my opinion is “Nothing but Blood”, starting with a slow ramping eerie guitar line; metal fans begin realizing their future. All instruments kick the introduction into higher gears and progress the song’s speed, intensity, and quality of guitar, before violently exploding into a quick breakdown. “Nothing but Blood” changes tempos continually, giving a feeling of a cardiogram display. When blips reach the apex of activity, be prepared for world destroying mosh pits. And, even though insured to be a relentless pit, fans are sure to be further animated as they vent otherwise hidden anger and frustrations during the massive nuke like breakdowns. If filming or photographing, like “You’ll Burn”, you better not miss the spectacle of this sure to be epic pit of fun, voluntary peer destruction. The lyrics continue the attempt of breaking simple mindsets of the mass public with thorns in the side,

“…Why do we fear, what we’re meant to be now? The lies they sold us. Why do we hide, when we’re meant to be free? Somehow we bought what they told us…Nothing but blood, can change what you have done…”

As the album comes to a close, I look back and see thumping, rejuvenating instrumentals combined with signature screams and wider ranges of singing. The lyric vocabulary and imagery is a bit lacking, but it still allows listeners into the world of the band’s voice, making it worth every dollar. I just wish bands realized their words and message could be more refined and powerful to target specific oppression, setting the base for change. As I prepare to put the album on my top shelf, the last song, “My Own Personal Hell”, grasps my attention. This is another excellent example of how to correctly stand out, while having hard forceful beats. The song incorporates a heart felt, dramatically slowed singing, displaying world troubles as why they have chosen a path of disdain and resentment for the mass public.

“…How do you drown out the voices when you’re all alone? That pry at the walls you’ve built inside so long ago, How do you drown out the voices when you’re all alone? They pry at the walls inside your mind and leave you nowhere to go, I’ve fallen out of love with the world, we want what we don’t need, we fear what we can’t see…”

“I Solemnly Swear”

“The Blackout”