About That Life Tour

Attila’s headlining About That Life tour has been sold out at every venue, but we were lucky enough to capture the show at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA.

It was a peaceful sunday in downtown Sacramento, until 5pm when metalheads, scenesters, and trendies began their slow daunting descent on R & 14th street. The lines increased, flooding across the street and wrapping around the block, creating a swarming takeover of men, women, and kids dressed in black, waiting for their inevitable release of life struggles and frustration.

Doors opened and the venue filled up quick. We make our way up front while the opening band is finishing their sound check. The lights dim and the background music fades out. Merchants, Sacramento locals, come on stage and the crowd readies to throw down. The band starts playing and the crowd instantly goes wild. At this point, I could tell that this show was going to be a notable.

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Up next was Fit For a King, a metalcore band from Dallas, Texas. The pit begins to open up as they hit the stage with strobes of light blinding the audience. Heavy bass lines and hardcore breakdowns continue throughout their set, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

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The Plot in You was up next. Vocalist, Landon Tewers, came out on stage dragging his mic stand with a corpse taped to it. There was a bag on the corpse’s head and blood all over his shirt. Of course this guy wasn’t really dead, but he was a damn good actor, pulling off a pseudo lethargic ghost; one helluva stage prop!

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Iwrestledabearonce came on afterwards. Courtney LaPlante, the bands vocalist, started the set off right with her full range of screams, beautiful singing, and witty humor. The rest of the band, especially lead guitarist Steven Bradley, followed in suit, animated in a complete spectrum of expression and movement, electrifying the crowd.

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The fans are now warmed up and anxiously waiting for the next band, Upon a Burning Body. The band struts out in class, suits and ties, their normal show attire. The audience definitely let loose, as I have never seen that many crowd surfers. EVER. The band proceeded to work the patrons perfectly, gaining their acceptance, and the pit erupted to encompass the entire floor!

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The moment everyone has now arrived, as thug music blast through the speakers of the venue, members of Attila saunter out one by one as the crowd serenades them with a powerfully primal roar of contentment. The intro to “Middle Fingers Up” hits and the crowd turns into a wave of jumping mass with surfers riding atop to the swarm, as they are hurled towards the front of the stage. A huge circle pit encompasses the floor as people are thrown and pressed against each other, whether they like it or not. The fans scream the lyrics as the energy from the band members fill up the small venue, creating an intimate gathering that was jacked full of intensity.

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This show was definitely one for the books. The tour is still on the road, so get your tickets now because the dates will most likely be sold out.

- Thor & Nam-Chi